TekFOM Pro 2.0


The new lifestyle creates a different approach to the old-fashion habits. Technology enhancements push the limits for many segments of everyday moments that have been unchangeable for the centuries. Tekwisdom has an answer to the requests of modern funeral business. Regarding the fact that people in grieve more often look for online funeral services we are ready to offer the best solutions in this segment. There are many reasons why your funeral services should be online, but one reason could be much stronger than others. If you have already full service for your customers, then all you need is the optimized platform to make this offer online. With this model, you will be able to grow your business much faster than using standard approach. The present small business solutions have a lot of limitations, but with the right e-commerce solution, your opportunities are endless. That is exactly what Tekwisdom offers for funeral homes. By using the e-commerce solution it would be much easier to control costs, manage activities, orders, and all other aspects of your business. We also give you a chance to broaden your range of products or make some new ones. Meet our excellent e-commerce solutions for funeral services.

Tekfom – Advanced solutions for funeral homes

  • Easy registration
  • Easy to use interface
  • Flexible roles assignation
  • Order management
  • Transportation management
  • Ceremony managements
  • Multiple customers connected to the same or several orders
  • Built in and flexible invoicing to the responsible person.
  • Built mail service
  • Task scheduler
  • Built in inventory service
  • Built in reports that will simplify your daily work
  • E-commerce like front-end to easily add products to the order.

By using this platform all providers of funeral services will get the most of the efficiency, and the great satisfaction of their customers. There is no need to adjust your system to our software. We offer a possibility for an easy integration of accounting software and others to our platform. Your employees will be able to handle the orders from different devices and you will be monitoring all the processes in a real-time span. Tekwisdom has recognized the necessity for this type of product. Our solution has many features that make an easy handling with a flexibility and lower costs. Of course, this is not all. We are open to adjusting our system to the final users.