MRS 2.0

Money Remittance System

The Money Remittance System represents one of the most attractive areas of financial services. There are billions of customers worldwide who expect impeccable service from their providers whether they send or receive money. In this context we have developed the innovative platform which holds on many required features such as:

  • High-security level
  • Clear money flow
  • Automatic limits control
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solution integrated into software
  • Integrated control of blacklist database for EU and US
  • The exquisite communication and monitor process among HQ and network of branches
  • An easy integration with the major money transfers systems
  • The best analytics which gives you a glimpse of your economy directly from the dashboard

Our remittance system solution have been adjusted to current requirements of the financial sector. The financial companies such as the banks or remittance companies are under the permanent monitoring of authorities for the implementation of AML and anti-terrorism financing into their systems. Tekwisdom has implemented those rules into its system. By this option, your system will react automatically to the suspicious indicators. You will be able to track the whole process and discover suspicious transactions or even blacklisted persons from the databases for EU and US.

Our software has the top level of security, quality, and fast service. Finally, this concept brings more advantages through a high level of efficiency which saves your money and of course money of your customers.

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