Who We Are

About Us

Tekwisdom concept has originated from an extraordinary idea. It is all about how to make complex things simple. Our story began in 2013. Since we have delivered many complex projects within various industries that help us to evolve into the leader of smart technology solutions that we are today. Our team has the best ideas on how to create an optimal structure for our clients. We pride ourselves with an efficient cluster organization, excellent project management and expertise in a software development, application development and web development.


Intangible leader in the advanced software solutions for the Scandinavian region and beyond.


Making people’s lives easier using innovative and easy to use technologies.


Tekwisdom portfolio is spread across the various industries such as financial sector especially in money remittance business, then in hospitality, oil & gas, production, trade & logistic, funeral services, film industry, event management and much more. We continuously improve our current solutions and search for the new innovative ideas within these sectors. In the prospect of the modern trends, Tekwisdom recognizes the necessity to bring technology which will raise standards, decrease the cost and make everything easy.

We develop the innovative solutions which help you through your business processes and make them easier.