Retail and consumer services


How important is it to have an exquisite software solution when dealing with the pressure of making a balance between time and money? Tekwisdom has the answer. That is why we have developed a real-time processing software for the retail sector. We deliver:

  • Point of sale (POS) system
  • mPOS
  • OMS
  • PIM with e-commerce cloud platform for retailers

With the help of Tekwisdom, you will get an accuracy in stock handling, management of inventory, detailed and precise information integrated with your accounting software in a user-friendly interface. This exquisite platform gives you a lot of opportunities in various domains. Although key features are POS as well as the other front sales points, we have a comprehensive back-office solution. The powerful concept of analytics, monitoring, and control of workflows, ERP open source system which increases your efficiency are just some of the advantages in our retail package. There is an option to adjust this software to any changes in your business. If you take your business online, we can follow you with our e-commerce cloud platform.

Use our simple but innovative solution to grow your retail business. An extraordinary solution for small and medium-sized retailers to manage their daily sales and purchases. Take one step ahead of the others with Tekwisdom retail management software.