Financial Services

Finance Services

Through the last two decades, the financial sector has been changing radically by disruptive technology solutions. In this context, our company found a very special place as a leader of the modern, constructive and flexible approach within various financial services. We developed small business software solutions with an excellent CRM system. Regarding this revolutionary solution within CRM and ERP open source systems, we are able to cover large organizations as well.

Tekwisdom offers the sophisticated systems whether it is a bank, money Remittance Company, micro-finance institution, Sacco, or even a co-operative movement. Financial operations have very complexed structure and such robust business nature requires an automation of all processes. We recognized this need for automatic control, additional monitoring and implementation of audit systems into different financial applications. The flexible infrastructure design allows you to run your business from any place worldwide and not just that. All information, control, and monitoring will be accessible in the real-time frame.

Tekwisdom financial products are web compatible. One of the greatest advantages is a business intelligence dashboard that can be used by any executive to derive hidden but meaningful information from a repository. Through analytics, the newly discovered information can, therefore, be used to make insightful business decisions that add more value to the organization.

One of our major competencies is definitely in ERP open source system integration with an innovative software and CRM solution for the financial institutions and other types of companies. Now, it is very easy for your employees to manage the customer information through this sophisticated software solution. The general control has been established on several levels and executives could easy monitor all activities. As a very important advantage, we emphasize the backup systems which enable a very secure system, preventing failures due to technical issues or influences of total disasters.

Discover a special advantage of Tekwisdom software solution for the financial sector.

Money Remittance System

The Money Remittance represents one of the most attractive areas of financial services.

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